Originally posted on April 23, 2013.


I frequently post winning tips and tricks on my Contest Queen Facebook Page.  Last Saturday I posted the following:

WINNING TIP 4: You can’t win using different names. Trying to beat the system will only get you disqualified.

Christine wanted to know, “So entering on behalf of my cousin will get me disqualified?

No, not if you follow the rules. Many of the best and biggest prizes I have won have been in my ex-husband’s name (when we were still married, I don’t enter him now). I consider them my wins because I did all the finding, organizing and entering. He may have done the winning, but I also shared the prize.

Some may say yes, you will get disqualified as IP addresses can be tracked, but having worked at an ad agency as a Contest Manager, companies don’t have time to sort out who entered who. They are only concerned with disqualifying cheaters.

The tip I posted means: don’t enter yourself 10x with various versions of your name, address, etc. as that will get you disqualified.

I now only enter myself and the occasional friend if I want to share the prize (eg. movie passes) as I don’t have time.

How many people are you entering for?