I have been down the TikTok rabbit hole.

I originally downloaded TikTok last year. Between the threats to ban it by the U.S. government, the stories about the app collecting your data, and all the dancing and singing videos, which I did not feel creative enough to replicate, I deleted it.

(NOTE: It turns out TikTok collects less data than Facebook.)

Then I began writing Prizes, Prizes, Everywhere! and I realized I needed to add TikTok to the Winning on Social Media chapter because I didn’t want you missing out on winning opportunities. Especially since fewer people are using it as an entry platform.

I reinstalled TikTok and began learning.

The live stream video below outlines what I’ve figured out over the past three months.


  1. In general, the app itself.
  2. The different types of TikTok sweepstakes.
  3. How to find them.
  4. How to enter them.
  5. Answering questions.

I am not going to outline the steps in-depth yet as I am still figuring out how to take a visual lesson and make it text-based for the book. In the meantime, watch the video and send any questions you have to me for future posts or videos.

Are you entering TikTok giveaways?