“How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
“Practice, practice, practice”

Now that you are on TikTok, how do you create videos with some pizzazz?


Be silly, goofy, terrible, funny, boring, etc.

The more you create, the better you will get. My first videos were terrible. You have to go through the awkward stage. Kind of like being a teenager.

One way I got better was by finding accounts on TikTok that created explainer videos and shared trends that I could try. Here are a few of my favorite teachers:

NOTE: The last two also offer fantastic tips if you own your own business. Let’s face it, we are multi-faceted people and many of us run our own show or side hustle

Now, why should you practice and learn?

Well, my practicing different trends and features within TikTok allowed me to learn how to do transitions, cuts, sounds, stickers, text, voiceovers, etc. That practice won me my first TikTok contest (still awaiting prize before I do an announcement and unboxing).

My only other tip is similar to what you would do on any other social media channel. Don’t just have contest entries. Post random videos of wonderful things in your life. Plus those random videos will let you practice what you are learning. (Two birds, one stone.)

Don’t think for a second you are too old for TikTok. Some of the best creators are seniors. I am not talking about those over 65. I am talking about those over 80, 90, or 100!

These aren’t even the ones with the biggest accounts. Just ones I like.

Have you jumped on The TikTok bandwagon yet?