lucky green candle

Originally posted on April 11, 2013. Updated with new links.

After my post Why Rabbit’s Feet Are Considered Lucky, Sheila commented with this question:

What kind of lucky candles were some people burning at the Atlanta convention last year?

The lucky candles being burned were green candles in little votive holders with a lucky image on the front, similar to the above.  I am not sure who the actual supplier was.  Also, Google “lucky candles” and see what you get.  WOW!

There are two types of lucky charms people use to attract luck: ones with metaphysical properties such as gemstones and essential oils and fun items such as troll dolls or lucky candles. I don’t believe the candles have the same attracting luck properties as oils, stones and crystals, but remember, this is my perspective. Some people believe for example that the power of the flame represents the source of our creation, your inner light. Who’s to say they’re wrong. (Lucky Mojo has a massive page of information regarding Candle Magic. Pretty interesting read.)

To me, the biggest attractor factor of them all, more important than a trinket, is what you project out, aka the Law of Attraction.  I even dedicated an entire chapter to Attracting Luck in How To Win Cash, Cars, Trips and More! (To learn more, go to the Attracting Luck section on my website.)

That said, I don’t rule out using lucky charms. My thoughts are this: if I use them and they work, I am ahead. If I use them and they don’t work, I had fun. I can’t lose either way. It’s pure enjoyment to use them. They can be pretty to wear. I used to sell Lucky Charms in my online store. (Now I only sell books, but you can find lots of lucky charms online.)

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