Originally posted on June 22, 2014. Stories about luck are timeless.

I normally don’t buy magazines, but this one I couldn’t resist, plus if you look closely the receipt came to $7.77.  How lucky is that?!

improve your luck

In the magazine, they promote a page on luck (mentalfloss.com/luck), but a Page Not Found Error popped up.  I then did a site search on the word luck and got these 8 articles on luck:

Why Do We Cross Our Fingers For Good Luck?

Why Are Black Cats Considered Bad Luck?

“Luck of the Irish” is an Old Mining Expression

Why Do We Knock on Wood?

A Mid-Week Dose of Tips & Superstitions

The Man Who Pressed His Luck … and Won

Aussie Good Luck: 6 Australians Who Caught Lucky Breaks

10 Unusual New Year’s Traditions From Around the World

I also did a site search for the luck articles that were listed, but did not appear in my initial search:

The 50-Year History of Lucky Charms, in 65 Marbits

13 Reasons People Think the Number 13 is Unlucky

Stay tuned as I will be blogging about luck all this week and in my newsletter The Winning EDGE.

Do you believe in Luck?