3 TOP TIPS on how to manage the holidays and the daily entries.

How are you holding up?

Sweepstakes Season started a week before the U.S. Thanksgiving on November 25th. The earliest I have ever seen it start. It will ramp up astronomically on December 1st with an insane amount of 12 Days of Giveaways and 24 Advent Calendar Giveaways, etc.

Here is what I do to balance the increase in contests and seasonal activities (decorating, baking, parties, parties, etc.)

I love lists and they are especially important for me to stay on track. Every morning I make a list of what I want to try to accomplish for the day. I then prioritize the tasks, as I always write down far more than any human could complete in a 24 hour period.

As I will never accomplish everything on my daily list, I have learned to prioritize the list. When making the list I write down what pops into my head first. I then number them in the order of importance, for that day. I then go down the list and do what I can. Contesting is always on the list and I make sure I do spend at least one-hour entering.

As I am doing what I can, I let go of attachment or disappointment to anything I can’t get to or miss. I am going to win what I win. I’ll bake what I can. I’ll see who I see. Etc.

Remember, you must enjoy life. There is no best life. There is only an optimal life. You must make the optimal choice in any given movement. It’s only then you will have fun and not get inundated by sweepstakes and obligations this month.

What are your best tips for Sweepstakes Season?