On The Way

I was joined by fellow contestor Susan Cobill for this road trip adventure. It was perfect as she lived 1/3 of the way to Manchester, NH, from my home. On Wednesday, July 6th, I worked from home, wrapped up client projects, packed everything I needed for the convention, and headed to her house for the night.


We woke up at the crack of dawn and were on the road by 6:30 am. Once we caffeinated, we got on the highway. The 7-hour drive took 9 hours with a variety of pit stops and the border crossing.

The border crossing took 15 minutes. Not because we had problems with our passports, but because the guard was fascinated with our reason for visiting the United States.  As soon as we said we were attending a sweepstakes convention, he had endless questions about what we had won, where we find giveaways to enter, is that why my license plate was IMLUCKY, etc. He said it was the best story he had heard all month. I gave him a few websites to start with. Who knows. He may just become a sweeper.

After we arrived, it became a whirlwind. We checked in, registered, and saw Tom of IWINCONTESTS giving him the extra Canadian prizes to give out. After hugging almost everyone I saw and introducing Susan to everyone, we joined Kenny, Kalynn, and Gail for dinner. I forgot to take a picture of us at the table, but I did spot a giveaway. Of course, I did!

Then it was back to the hotel for the Meet & Greet. We didn’t win any prizes, but I was so happy to see all my sweeping buddies after a six-year gap I didn’t care. I felt like I had already won.


In the past, I would have joined fellow sweepers for karaoke or just hung out, but I had client work to catch up on,  was tired from the day’s drive, and found out my grandmother had passed away,* so to the room we went. Had a cuppa tea and worked for a bit before turning in.

*My grandmother was 102. She had a wonderful, long life. 

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