I knew I wasn’t going to top Friday for wins, but I was having so much fun with my friends I didn’t care.

A good tip for traveling is to pack granola bars and fruit. We stopped at Target and grabbed more fruit, yogurt, and milk. The room had a mini fridge and a Keurig. We made coffee and tea and ate in our room while we got ready. It’s nice not to rush in the mornings or pay for an expensive hotel breakfast.

Morning Session

The third speaker of the convention was Chris Rechtsteiner of SweepSheet spoke on email, how to never miss a winning notification, and protect your computer. Chris explained how to find those messages while protecting yourself against spam. This is extremely important because you are only a potential winner until you claim your prize.

One great tip Chris had was to search for the word AFFIDAVID as spelling isn’t always a sponsor’s strong suit. (I can’t live without Grammarly. I am in the top 5% of their users!)

My lucky win was a stick vacuum!

Afternoon Session

I was the fourth speaker at the convention. I spoke on how to win on Instagram from a marketer’s perspective. The key is to distinguish between the five different types of Instagram giveaways and how to enter each to maximize your odds of winning.

Shameless plug. I teach a class on How to Win on Social Media if you want to learn step by step.

I was lucky enough to win a Vera Bradley umbrella and a T-Mobile floatie. I forgot to take a picture as I made a TikTok Story.

Evening Session

Before the evening session, Susan, Mary Ellen, Bill, and I went for dinner at the famous Red Arrow Diner. 2022 was their 100th anniversary, and their walls are covered with images of all the celebrities who have visited. We sat at the counter, and the servings were huge. I highly recommend you visit if you find yourself in Manchester.

There was no speaker because the evening was all about sweets and prizes. Each table held a plate of petit fours we could share while prizes were handed out. Then it was time for all the upgrade draws. Bill and I teamed up and decided that if either of us won, we would share the prize. Effectively doubling our odds of winning. (Please. No statisticians come after me!) Bubkis! We didn’t win a thing. Maybe next year!

The funny part of the evening was when I traded prizes. Many are willing to trade if you didn’t want what you won or if you wanted a different prize. There was a hashtag in the convention Facebook Group you could follow to see what was available or what was being requested. I decided I wanted one of the Coach wristlets with a hand sanitizer carrier. I offered my $50 Amazon gift card in trade, figuring it would be accepted. Somehow I ended up conversing with two people I thought were one person. With so much going on, ups and downs, I guess I was distracted. I traded with the first person, then when the second one came to trade, I realized my mistake. I laughed so hard at myself. I gave her cash in trade, and it was completely my fault. I kept one for myself and gave the other set to my sister for her birthday. She loved it so a happy accident.

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