I consider St. Patrick’s Day to be a sweeper’s holiday as it’s all about luck and fun. Yesterday I created a few videos about the metaphysical tools I like to use for winning along with one about Helene Hadsell, the best manifestor I ever met.

To me, there is more to this world than meets the eye, so why wouldn’t I use every tool that is available to me? My logic is, if I am wrong, it makes no difference, and if I am right, I am ahead. Basically, I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay


The tools of choice that I shared were: oracle cards, crystals, affirmations, and books. The cards tap me into the day’s energy for me. (No, they don’t predict whether I win or not.) The crystals help me shift/keep my vibration in a positive place. Affirmations help me keep my mind in a positive place and books help me learn new things and develop a new mindset. (I will do another post on my vision boards.)


Tools are all well and good, but without any action, no amount of affirming or crystal gazing will bring prizes to your door. Here are a few simple steps to get you started:

  1. Believe. You have to believe you are a winner and think you are before you are. Helene Hadsell had no doubt she was going to win. It was just a matter of time. When vs. if. This isn’t the same as affirmations. This is both a conscious and subconscious belief.
  2. See yourself winning. Focus on the end result. How does it feel when a prize just appears at your door? Want to win a car? How does the steering wheel feel in your hand? Want to win a trip? What does the sea air smell like? Want to win a new TV? What do you see playing on it?
  3. Specific action. If you want to dig a garden, you don’t randomly stick your shovel in the ground all over your yard. You outline where you want to plant and focus your efforts there. Similar to sweepstakes. Don’t enter willy nilly. No plan in place. Use an aggregate to find prizes you want to win, and enter those.

You know that these are just three of the steps you need to take. Sweepstaking as a hobby in its entirety fills a book. This is just a great place to start. Similar to how Helene Hadsell began. She read The Power of Positive Thinking, saw a contest in the local paper, entered and the rest is history.


I originally got on TikTok to figure it out so I could teach others how to use it to enter video giveaways. One thing I discovered was it wasn’t all people dancing and singing. There are heaps of creative people on TikTok, including manifestation teachers. The beauty of the algorithm is, when you start watching and liking specific types of videos, you get shown more, which is how I found all these wonderful people.

In no particular order, here are my favorite manifesting teachers that I found on TikTok:

@recalculator and @recalculator on Instagram

@lisa_roulette and Lisa Roulette on YouTube

@subconsciousloz and Subconscious Loz on YouTube

@joe.hehn and Joe Hehn on YouTube

@mattcooke_ and Matt Cooke on YouTube

They are all quite different so I recommend you check them all out and see whose style you like. (I also included a link to their other platform in case you don’t have TikTok.)

What steps do you take to manifest prizes?