Originally posted on May 30th, 2013. Updated February 5th, 2022.

I miss the movies and hope not only do more premiers come back but in a grand style!

When it turns into a grand adventure.

I won passes to Now You See Me from Scene Creek. I knew it was a VIP carpet event, but I have been so busy planning my U.S. summer tour I forgot. Between juggling my business and family, working from home, and being low maintenance, most of the time I hang out in jeans (or yoga pants), a t-shirt, and no make-up, so why should yesterday be any different.

Because I forgot the VIP part, instead of leaving early to check out all fun and excitement, my friend Janet and I left at the usual time to get to the theatre. It was upon arriving and seeing all the TV trucks and activities outside (magicians and money machines) the theatre that I remembered the VIP part. UGH! With rush hour traffic we were even running a bit late, so I sent her in to get the tickets while I parked.   When I met up with her at the front of the theatre, being the Contest Queen I quickly figured out how to enter to win (send eOne Films a tweet). As I wasn’t picked right away we went in.

Jesse Eisenberg 1   Jesse Eisenberg 2

When we got to the top of the escalator we saw the press junket/red carpet. I managed to snap a few photos of Jesse Eisenberg before realizing eOne tweeted me back. I grabbed Janet and rushed her back downstairs so I could try to win some money. It was at this point I wish I had worn shoes instead of flip-flops. (Seems everything is an adventure with me!) We approached the stage and I showed the tweet to the event manager. Into the machine, I went. I was so excited I didn’t think to ask Janet to take any pictures. As it was almost showtime there wasn’t too much cash left in the machine. I focused on the blue and gold glints off the $5 bills. When I exited the money machine the magician pulled me up on stage to count my booty. I managed to grab $45 in 30-seconds. I was ecstatic. It covered parking, popcorn, candy, drinks, and coffee afterward. The magician then proceeded to rip one of the bills. (What are magicians going to use when all our bills are plastic?)  I held on to the tiny ripped corner. He crumpled the larger “half” then set it on fire. Then he cut a lemon in half and pulled out the rest of the bill. Good trick, but we had to get back upstairs as it was getting late.

As we passed the empty red carpet on the way to the movie theatre, I noticed the paper markers for each reporter and where they were to stand on the velvet ropes. I spotted Mr. Will Wong (@MrWillW). I thought, “OH NO! I missed him!“.

If you are a Canadian contestor, love movies, and have not heard of Will, let me introduce you to a man who has also turned his passion into his vocation.  (How Will got started as a Celebrity Blogger.) Will frequently holds contests for movie tickets in major markets along with a wide variety of autographed items and prize packs, so be sure to follow his blog, his Facebook page, or Twitter feed.

Having waited so long to get seated we sat in the third row, craned our necks, munched on popcorn, and thoroughly enjoyed the movie.  (Will’s Now You See Me review and interviews.)  As soon as the movie was over I dragged Janet out of the theatre and had her scan the crowd with me for Will. Thankfully there was only one door out so I knew I had to find him. After what seemed like an eternity, out came Will. I was so happy to finally meet him. (I have won from him in the past and chatted with him on Facebook and Twitter.)


I found out later (when tagged in a Facebook post) how surprised Will was that I waited for him.

The fun didn’t stop there. I then had the pleasure of meeting Tristan Laughton of Scene Creek. He wanted to meet me to personally give me the Now You See Me prize pack I won. How did I miss that email?! (NOTE: Scene Creek didn’t survive the pandemic.)

Carolyn & Tristan  Now You See Me Prize Pack

It was at this point after a dozen pictures were taken, was running into fellow contestors and meeting heaps of new people I heard my mom’s voice, “Put on some make-up. You’re so pretty.” It was too late, so I didn’t worry about it too much, but I did make a mental note to dress up a bit more in the future. After all, that excitement Janet and I weren’t ready to go home.  We went out for a café au laits and crepes. Delicious!

Once home and scrolling through my Facebook and Twitter feeds I realized I also missed an opportunity to meet Maurie Sherman (@DamnitMaurie) from KISS 92.5FM. UGH!

I learned two main lessons from last night as I need to:

  1. pay more attention to the details of prizes so I am not rushing and/or missing adventurous opportunities.
  2. take a page out of Stacy & Clinton’s Not What to Wear handbook and make a bit of an effort so I don’t look like a before picture.

Who else loves movie premiers as much as I do?