Sunday, July 9th

The last day is only a 1/2 day, allowing those needing to be back to work on Monday to travel.

We began the session with convention statistics. I didn’t write any down, except we had 375 people in attendance. I think I even have that number wrong by a few people, but close enough.

Tom Cavalli of iWinContests gave a nail-biting speech on why you should enter local giveaways and how he attempted to win $10,000 at a recent grand opening in his town. Luckily he posted it on YouTube so you can enjoy the rollercoaster ride too. (Scroll to the bottom of this post to watch.)

Next, we had a video presentation by Steve d’Adolf. I mentioned him yesterday as he hosted his annual caption contest. In the past, Steve was the MC and also a speaker. He has won a whopping 306 since he began entering over 40 years ago. Sadly, he tumbled on the cobblestones on his last trip win in Italy and hurt his back. Steve was healing well but not enough to travel. We hope he can attend next year’s event in Las Vegas. His speech was on entering in a post-pandemic world. Steve has seen countless changes since he began entering, and he shared his insights. The one that stuck out for me was companies are now just giving the winner money or gift cards for trips, and they must arrange their own adventure. I had that happen to me last summer, and it happened to my sweeping buddy Susan last month, so I agreed it was a trend.

Then the 2024 35th Annual National Sweepstakes Convention representative Donna Chandler got up to speak and answer questions. Many do not know that all conventions are run entirely by volunteers. If you ever want to help, reach out. They appreciate all the assistance. I was gifted a beautiful bag full of Arizona goodies.

Shawna Yonts is the host representative for the 2025 36th Annual National Sweepstakes Convention. They are currently looking at locations in Arkansas and Texas. I will share more details as soon as I have them. Be aware it may not be until next summer.

We wound up the day with the last round of session prizes. I won a Wayze watch!

As I was behind in writing it, and then the speeches went over, I gave my presentation on Mastering TikTok Sweepstakes for anyone that wanted to stay. About 40 hung around to learn and ask questions. I will be including all those top tips in my upcoming book Prizes, Prizes, Everywhere!

Once the convention was officially over, Wendy, Susan, and I headed to Old Scottsdale for a bite of lunch, shopping, and some fabulous ice cream.

As the temperature was well over 100°F (40°C) once we returned, we all headed to the pool to rest and cool off.

We couldn’t leave Scottsdale without one more trip to In & Out Burger. Lori joined Wendy, Susan, and me, and on the way back to the hotel, she wanted ice cream. We ended up at the coolest shop called Creamistry, where they use nitrogen to make your sundae!

Go to my Facebook page for the full 34th Annual National Sweepstakes Convention photo album. If you want to contribute any pictures, please email them to me.

You can find a current convention list on my website if you want to attend an event.