Did you jump and/or get excited when you saw the header?

That is exactly my point!

This came about because, originally, when Sandra Grauschopf of About Contests and Sweepstakes published this Facebook message. I had to rant as this is also one of my biggest contest and marketing pet peeves.

Ugh, that was mean. Got an email with the subject line “Congratulations to Our Winner!” and opened it to read, “You have won $5,000 worth of…” I got all excited for a second until I read the line above it, overlooked because it was high above the text and in a different font — and said, “Congratulations, *someone else’s name*.” I wish companies that run sweepstakes would only use “Congratulations” subject lines with win notices!

And …

Companies don’t realize this isn’t a wise marketing tactic. They think they are making a wonderful, positive, big announcement, and instead, they freaked out hundreds or thousands of people. Who are then annoyed and may possibly buy their competitor’s product the next time they need an XYZ … I agree with Sandra …

Solution …

Sweepstakes are run by people. Clearly, those people do not realize how their headline is being received. As I stated, they are excited to share the news and have no idea their marketing efforts are working against them, (vs. for them).

Let them know. They are not mind readers. Send a message. Be kind. Let them know how you felt and what they could do in the future that may garner better results. Crituque is always better received then criticism.

I believe all boats rise with the tide and when we help giveaway sponsors do better, we all benefit.

What is your biggest contest marketing pet peeve?