One question I am frequently asked is, “What are my odds of winning?”  My response always is, “It doesn’t matter as it only takes WON to WIN.”  However, that is not 100% true because depending on the contest or sweepstakes you enter, your odds of winning could be very good or very remote. Many factors can affect your odds of winning.

NOTE: The statistics in the image are the average Mega Millions lottery odds and the National Weather Service.

1.) There are many different types of entry methods:

  • in-person,
  • call-in,
  • mail-in,
  • text messaging
  • and online.

2.) Within those entry methods, there are many different ways to enter.

  • In-person could be a drop box or a business card draw.
  • Online could be a straightforward entry form, a post contest, a video contest, or an advergame.

3.) Some even span various types of methods.

  • Get a code word on the radio and text it in, or enter it online.
  • Play an advergame online, and share it on Facebook and/or Twitter to get extra entries.

4.) Spanning all the entry methods and entry types, there is regionality:

  • locals,
  • regionals,
  • nationals
  • and worldwide.

The smaller your local area (Buffalo, NY vs. New York, NY), the better your odds.

5.) There is also a timeframe.  Potentially there will be more entries submitted the longer the contest is accepting entries.

6.) There is a number of entries. Can you enter once? Weekly? Daily?  It is easier to win one-time-only entry sweepstakes than it is one everyone can enter daily.

7. & 8.) Finally, there are sweepstakes eligibility and interest.  Who is the contest open to, and what is the prize?  Can you win it?  Do you want to win it?

All of the above aspects will affect your odds of winning.

Unless the promotion is a seeded contest like Tim Horton’s Roll Up to Win or MacDonald’s Monopoly, you generally will not find the exact odds of winning in the rules. That said, you can use common sense and your own judgment to assess the odds of any given sweepstakes.

What are your odds of winning?  Zero if you don’t enter. So, get organized, get consistent, and start winning!!