There is a reason I have an entire chapter in each of my books called Attracting Luck. I believe you have to think like a winner and feel like a winner before you are.

As I participated in online forums, attended club meetings, and met a multitude of sweepers, I noticed that some people seemed to win far more than others. What set those people apart? I realized there were seven traits and actions winners possessed and did. They:

  1. Think positively.
  2. Expect to win.
  3. Feel like a winner.
  4. Have good chi flowing inside and out.
  5. Share with others.
  6. Don’t cheat.
  7. Enter, Enter, Enter…

A few of my favorite Attracting Luck Resources

I recently started working with one of my favorite teachers, Robert Ohotto, author of Transforming Fate into Destiny. He helped me stay grounded (point 4 above) through all the life shifts I experienced over the past several years. Follow him on YouTube to experience a paradigm shift Ohotto-style!

Michael Losier, the author of The Law of Attraction, is a master of vibration (point 3 above) and host of HangoutWithMichael. Check out his weekly online broadcast and learn to mind your vibration.

Pat Mahan, mindset coach, podcaster, and TikToker, offers a FREE masterclass on how to change your mindset, your reactions to life, and in turn, what you attract.

What are your favorite resources to Attract Luck?