Sharon left this comment on a blog post:

Is there a reason why contestors entering for many years now are no longer winning?? Especially if they are spending as much daily entering just like they used to! What’s up with that? They are doing the work, putting in the time, and doing it honestly following the rules … so we all don’t get it!? I read a post where you said that companies sometimes call you, give you a name or so and ask you about them. I do not mean this in a rude way, but have you said something negative about some people, and the companies just don’t choose those people anymore? I don’t know … I am just saying eh … it just seems odd to us all, and I ask on everyone’s behalf … and thanks for taking the time to address this with your expert opinion … it is appreciated. 😉

This is the advice I gave David in How Do I Win Big?:

The same advice applies to small prizes as it does to big ones.

  • You are not organized. Being organized saves time, therefore, you can maximize the number of contests you can enter in a shorter period of time.
  • You are wasting your time. What are you entering? Enter single-entry sweepstakes first, then those with a higher dollar value prize, then instants, then dailies. Do not waste your time trolling Facebook for timeline contests or Twitter for retweet contests. Those you do from your mobile while waiting in line.
  • You are not entering the best odds sweepstakes. This ties back to point #2. Entering low-value, low-odds sweepstakes are only netting you a few thousand dollars in wins over the course of a year. You can find the best odds sweepstakes on Sweeties Sweeps, iWinContests, or Sweepstakes Fanatics.
  • You are not entering enough. If you enter for 30 minutes per day and I enter for 4 hours, my odds of winning are going to be far greater than yours. I recommend entering 1-2 hours per day. That’s enough to win well, but not so much you cut into work, family time, and any other obligations. Winning should always remain a hobby and not reduce the quality of your life.
  • You don’t know how much you won. I used to think I didn’t win very much. So one year, I decided to track every win. I mean every win. From a free coffee or bag of chips to electronics and trips. I discovered I won far more than I originally thought. You can track your wins using my winning spreadsheet.

My suggestion would be to look and how and what you are entering. A shift in your hobby may be in order. I’d love to hear what your daily online entry routine is, as I may be able to make suggestions for improvement.

Are you winning less than you used to?

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