At some point after the movie, The Secret came out I decided I wanted my picture taken with Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, and John Assaraf.

Last week I won tickets to The Phenomenal View, featuring John Assaraf.  On Tuesday, we went to the Royal Ambassador Event Centre to see John speak.  After we arrived, while we were getting settled, helping ourselves to coffee and tea, a gentleman came up to me and said,

“Hi. I am Frank. We have met before. We had a close encounter.”

I did not recognize him right away.  Maybe it was because he wasn’t wearing his sumo wrestling suit!

It was Frank Piontek, my sumo wrestling competitor and fellow contestor, who encouraged me to start contest clubs in Canada.  (Read all about our first encounter here.)

He and his wife had also won tickets.  The lucky guy won the grand prize, which included lunch with John!

If you have never heard John speak, I highly recommend attending.  He is worth seeing at least once.  I thought he was so good I ordered his CD course (Back when that was a thing…) called Having It All, so I could continue the lessons we touched upon that day.

I asked my husband if he had any cash on him as I also wanted to buy John’s book The Answer.  Turns out, neither of had any on us.  Then, when we were lining up for our buffet lunch, as we passed the registration table, there was his book with a Post-It Note with my name on it.  I won his book too!  After the break, I got my book autographed and my picture with John.

Now I just need to meet Jack & Joe!