Where does the time go? How can it be Wednesday already?! I thought before a whole week went by, I had better finish blogging about our adventures in Rimouski QC.

Saturday was wonderful.  As a mom, I don’t get to sleep in very often.  And when I say sleep in, I mean 8 am. I awoke to find my husband, Craig, up and working away on his computer.  So, I got ready and when I emerged from the bathroom, he had gone back to bed and was fast asleep.  (I didn’t think I was really that high maintenance!)

So I got myself a tea, sat down at my computer, and finished my newsletter.  (One of the best things about owning your own business is you can work whenever you wish.  One of the worst things about owning your own business is you can work whenever you wish.)  Since I was already three days behind in getting it to my webmaster, I thought I had better finish up.

At 11:30 am we headed out to the “Ceremonie de Remise des Trophees Individuals”.  We had been given tickets to the VIP cocktail reception and tickets to the ceremony itself. I had packed for the weather, cool and damp, so upon arriving in jeans and sneakers, I felt very underdressed.  I said to Craig, “Why didn’t I think VIP meant VIP dress?”

The award ceremony was very well done.  They had two presenters: one French and one English, and they even had comic relief, in the form of Miss Memorial Cut, to provide some laughter to a potentially very dry ceremony.

The Brian Kilrea CHL Coach of the Year Award was sponsored by Old Dutch. It was won by Bob Boughner of the Windsor Spitfires for the second year in a row.

We then when out for a very late brunch at Chez Oeufs followed by a carb coma (aka afternoon nap).  We woke up in time to have a swim in the hotel pool followed by dinner in the hotel restaurant.

It was the perfect day.  Relaxing and indulgent with fun mixed in.  Exactly why I enter contests to win trips and adventures.  What would be a perfect day on a trip win for you?