It was so nice to sleep in.  (When I say sleep in, I mean 8 am. I have a 7-year-old.)  After doing my morning exercises (yes, I even packed my wrist weights) I got ready for the day.  I then had tea, an apple, and potato chips for breakfast (Hey, you gotta support the sponsor!) while I sat at my computer catching up on my contesting.  (My husband Craig can sleep through anything.)

When he got up we thought we would go out for brunch only to discover it was pouring rain.  (When did it start raining? The sun was out when I was exercising.)  So after eating in the hotel restaurant, we went back to our room.  I continued to drink tea and enter contests.  After a few hours, I said, “I wonder what time that game starts tonight?”  I pulled the tickets out of my purse.  They were marked 16:30.  I looked at the clock.  It was 4:15 pm.  “Holy Cow!  The game starts in 15 minutes.  Let’s go!!”  Thankfully, there was a courtesy shuttle car available.  We only missed 2 minutes of the game.

We weren’t in our seats one minute before Windsor scored against Kelowna.  Pregame, Craig was sure Kelowna was going to win against whoever won Friday’s semi-final game.

Kelowna managed to get in one goal before they finally lost 4-1. “That’s why they play the game.” ~ Chris “Boomer” Berman

We got the courtesy shuttle to drop us off downtown and we went looking for a restaurant for dinner.  Our first choice turned out not to be open on Sundays.  However, we got lucky and found a really funky little spot, Le Bien, Le Malt.  It was empty because it was the first Sunday of the season it was open.  We had drinks, and snack plates and played Mille Bornes.  It was so relaxing.  It was like hanging out at home.  The perfect end to a perfect weekend.