Day 22 | August 16th

This was another long day of driving as I had to go from Harper’s Ferry, WV, to Pamona, NY.

I arrived at Wendy’s late in the afternoon, and she made sure I had a real New York treat: pizza. I know pizza is everywhere, and New York, Boston, and Chicago duke it out for the best, but for me, that night, New York won.  It was so good.  I ate until I thought I would burst!

Then Wendy and I did something I had not done in a long time.  We chatted until we both realized it was 1:00 am and should get some sleep as we had a big day coming up.

Day 23 | August 17th

Wendy belongs to the sweepstakes club, The Empire Sweeps (hosts of the Empire Extravaganza), and her fellow club member, Al, was kind enough to drive us into NYC as I had all my teaching gear along with heaps of prizes.

After parking the car (parking in NYC is crazy!), the three of us lugged all the boxes and bags to the Columbus Circle location of the Argo Tea Cafe.  It was the squishiest workshop we had.  There were 17 in attendance squeezed into a space designed for 8!

The attendees received a real treat at this workshop as I had a special guest speaker: Reid Covington, Community Manager of ShopCube, the world’s first tournament shopping website.  He talked about the site, answered questions, and got some great ideas to take back and incorporate into future tournaments.  All workshop attendees received 10 free cubes to begin playing. (If you use this link, you can get 3 FREE cubes!)


Then Wendy and I went sightseeing!  Do I love NYC!!

We started with Central Park and then walked for hours. Everywhere we went, I recognized locations from movies I had watched.  We passed The Ritz-Carlton and the Apple Store, toured FAO Schwartz, then checked out Rockefeller Center and Times Square.

Columbus Circle  Wedding in Central Park

Central Park - Horse Drawn Carriage  Central Park

The Ritz-Carlton  NYC Streets

 FAO Schwartz  The Apple Store

Trump Towers  Atlas - NYC

Rockefeller Center  Times Square

 Just as the meeting wrapped up, some of the attendees, Wendy and I, discussed what city highlights we should see as we only had a few hours.  On my list was real New York-style cheesecake.  I was corrected by Jason, “Carolyn, it’s not New York-style cheesecake. You are in New York. It’s just cheesecake.” Too funny!  Upon his advice, we had dinner at Junior’s for deli sandwiches and cheesecake. So good!

Day 24 | August 18th

Thankfully, I had another day to sleep in.  As my feet couldn’t take another day of sightseeing, Wendy and I decided to take a drive and visit Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets! I really must return when my budget allows, as the deals were amazing, but I did manage to squeeze in a few purchases, including a $100 Kenneth Cole handbag for $17!

My Outlet Find!

It was a typical Sunday evening at home as we had a relaxing family dinner.  Then Wendy and I spent the evening on our computers while we chatted until late into the evening again.