Sweeping Boston 2015Thankfully the day did not start as early. I was able to get up at 7:00am and make it to the buffet breakfast for 8:00am.

The Morning Session began with us donating socks for the local shelter.

Our first speaker was Jenn Day. As she works for the Secret Service (she really does!) Jenn spoke about how to avoid online scams. Some of her points were:

  • Half the emails sent in June of 2015 were spam.
  • Real winning emails are addressed to you personally, not ‘Dear Friend’.
  • You will recognize the company and/or the email address with be registered. No a free email account.
  • The email is only address to you and not undisclosed recipients.
  • You never have to pay your income taxes in advance to receive your prize.

Then of course it was time for prizes! I won a $50 Amazon gift card and a 1-year membership to Sweepstakes Advantage. Kate (owner of Sweep-Easy) won one of the Taste of Canada gift bags I donated.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner  Lucky Kate!

Next up was a panel of sweepstakes newsletter and aggregate owners answering audience questions. On the panel were:

Search Your Questions Answered on my website as many of those answered I already have on blog posts and in my newsletters.

Then we went on a Trolley Tour of the city. Boston is beautiful and chock full of historic sites. I wish I had more time to explore.

The Green Monster  Fenway Park

Alchemist   no shops can have lit signs

After a late lunch the Afternoon Session began.

Steve d’Aldof spoke about how to increase your odds of winning. Some of his points were:

  • Read The Luck Factor.
  • To use the tools at your disposal such as your smartphone’s GPS.
  • Always reading the rules for odd clauses you can use to your advantage.

I was lucky and won a prize at this session also! Plus hanging out with friends!!

20150904_165324  KB & Carolyn  20150904_161843

Then off to the vendor room for a harried hour of selling.

As it was after 6:00pm, my Sweeping buddy Wendy and I met up with Donna and Richard. We all headed off to a local bar for dinner. As I have been eating clean for 10 weeks, I am starting to feel heavy from eating carbs for two days! Although I am having heaps of fun, I am looking forward to my daily routine of yoga and veggies.

Of course, I am back in the room blogging before turning in.

Go to my Facebook page to see the 26th Annual National Sweepstakes Convention photo album. If you have any pictures you would like to contribute, please email them to me.

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