Do you know what the difference is between a sweepstakes aggregate and a giveaway site?

A sweepstakes aggregate* is a site that collects legitimate sweepstakes into one place.

* I use aggregate as a noun: a sum, mass, or assemblage of particulars; total or gross amount.

Sites such as Sweepstakes Today, Sweepstakes Fanatics, and Sweep Sheet are examples of U.S. aggregate sites. Sites such as, RedFlagDeals, and YoWinner are examples of Canadian aggregate sites. Sites such as Contest Girl aggregate giveaways are open to both Canada and the United States. There currently aren’t any global aggregates that post sweepstakes for dozens of countries around the world.

I recommend every sweeper, contestor, and comper find an aggregate they like to easily find legitimate giveaways open to them.


Site owners vet every promotion that is submitted, along with posting highlights of the promotion, saving you valuable entry time. It’s also why I always recommend paying for the full site’s features, not just using the free version. There are a variety of benefits, including access to exclusive sweepstakes and featured giveaways, and some sites even include an internal tracking system to help you stay organized.

A giveaway site hosts all the sweepstakes on their site. All the prizes are paid for by the site owner. They are the sweepstakes sponsors. How they pay for all the prizes is via advertising or getting clients to sponsor prizes. There are no giveaways on their site hosted or managed by other companies.

Sites such as Royal Draw and Prize Grab are some examples of giveaway sites.

The confusion comes when a sweeper tries to share their fun by posting a giveaway site’s promotion on an aggregate. Some aggregates have been blocking those types of posts stating they do not allow promotions from their competitors on their sites.

And therein lies the problem.

They aren’t competitors. They don’t even have the same business model. One collects legitimate sweepstakes from around the country or world to share, and the other hosts giveaways open to those of a specific country. (I have yet to find a global giveaway site. They all appear to be country-specific.)

Did you know the difference?