I originally wrote this blog post on March 7th, 2015. It seems the lines have only blurred further after I shared Police Warn: Taking Facebook Quizzes Could Get Your Identity Stolen: Your comment may seem harmless, but it’s really not. from Prevention Magazine.

Beware what you post anywhere online as you never know how a bit of a bite of data could be used to steal your identity, etc… Don’t believe me? Watch the video below and then comment on this post.

Recently I blogged about a contest database breach: Your Data is Not Safe. The sponsor sent a letter to all the entrants explaining what happened and how the breach could affect the entrant. It’s sparked a few great comments, which lead me to this blog post.

I don’t worry about entering because no one is safe online, and here’s why; if you are online, you can be a target of identity theft, contesting or not. Alessandro Acquisti explains how the line between public and private has blurred in his TED Talk; Privacy Matters.

Do you still feel safe being online?