Just as the hobby changes, so must our resources and sources. If you were a member of ContestCanada.com you have already heard, but I thought it was only right to share the news with all of my readers in case you had not already heard. Dave and Joe have decided to shut their site as of December 2019.

Hello Contest Canada.com Members,
Contest Canada.com will be hitting it’s 20 year anniversary in 2020. I cannot believe it has been 20 years. We have gone thru many changes in that time an hope we brought you some of the best contests and promotions. We have received numerous letters and posts from members that have won Big, Small and many.
With that said, Joe and I think it is time to move on. Joe has been retired several years now and would like to move on to another chapter in his life. His dedication to the site over these years has been a passionate one. He would like to move on to some other hobbies and interests thinking travel would be one of them. I am sure entering the odd contest will be another one. 😉
As for myself, I am still actively employed and see retirement on the horizon. I not ready as of yet but getting close. I will try and maintain the site for as long as I can, till the end of the year as this will be a challenge.
As for the site, we have reached a point that the site is no longer supported, and would cost way too much to convert to a new platform. Some of the applications are manual and take time and effort to keep them up and running. With the likes of Facebook, Twitter and other social media avenues, it took contesting to another level which we cannot compete or maintain with our ageing site.
As for our Members, we are deeply sorry we cannot continue providing you “the best” contest site on the net. We are one of the few left and will not be continuing after Dec 2019.
With that said and WRT your existing Membership, Myself and Joe will go through the membership list and reach out to our members that have paid until next year. We will calculate and determine a refund for the remaining time on your membership. This will be time-consuming so please be patient as we will get to every one of you.
We are very appreciative of all the support over the years and wish you all good luck.
Any questions or concerns please email us.
Cheers & Thanks
Dave & Joe
Contest Canada.com
If you are looking for a new Canadian aggregate, you can find a list of them on my site here: FIND CONTESTS.
I started my online contest hobby by participating in a Yahoo Group run by Dave and Joe, in conjunction with their website. I owe them a heap of gratitude for all the adventures I have had and the friends I have made on this winning journey. I wish them nothing but the best on the next phase of their journies.
Were you a member of their site?