On the first day of the year, I like to do a personal review as our sweepstakes hobby and part of a bigger life. That bigger life includes goals, dreams, ups, downs, etc.

Here are the goals I set for myself in 2019.

  1. Complete my Advanced Toastmasters Silver level before shifting over to the new Pathways program.
  2. Become Facebook Blueprint Certified.
  3. Finally, launch my Idea Majesty website and expand my marketing services. (A rollover goal from last year!)
  4. Let go of half weight I gained before we go on vacation I won.

How did I do?

Not so good.

I reached 1 1/2.

  • I crossed off #1 in February.
  • I kept starting and stopping #2.
  • I did zero for #2.
  • I did 1/2 of #4. (I wanted to be 150 lbs. I ended the year at 160 lbs, starting at 173 lbs.)

Why didn’t I crush it?

I have no answer. You would think after reading UnFu*k Yourself and Stop Doing That Sh*t by Gary John Bishop; I would have been barreling through writing and studying. Not so much …

I feel my only saving grace was buying the rights to all of Helene Hadsell’s work and beginning the process of updating and republishing all of her books. Of course, I started with Contesting: The Name It & Claim It Game.

And not to be deterred by last year’s ‘failures,’ I decided to up the ante for 2020.

  1. Become Facebook Blueprint Certified.
  2. Launch my Idea Majesty website and expand my marketing services. (This goal will never roll over again!)
  3. First, get to 150lbs, and then target 140lbs. (I struggle to stick to the WW 23 points a day program. Stress? Menopause?)
  4. Publish FIVE books. All four of Helene’s and one of my own.
  5. Spend a day at a Dr. Joe Dispenza workshop. (He is coming to Ottawa, ON, in June.)
  6. Win a romantic trip for George and me.
  7. Win a clean sweep. (Watch my video from last fall if you don’t know what a clean sweep is.)

I think the reason I am undeterred is the fact I have been reading and rereading Helene’s words for the past month. Akin to what my dad always used to remind me, “You can do anything you set your mind to.”

When setting goals, do you also cover various areas of your life, such as career, health, personal growth, and prizes?

Tracking Wins

I used to track my wins all the time. I stopped when I was going through my divorce as I wasn’t winning much and was generally sad. Last year I won heaps of instant prizes. Especially during the summer while I PIN Code hunted. Although I did not win a grand prize, I wished I knew how much I really did win. I will track this year!! Here is the link to my annual Track Your Wins spreadsheet. Scroll down to download your FREE copy.

If you would like some guidance on goal setting, watch my Good Vibe Chat for tips.

If you are new to me, you can read previous annual posts to see what goals I set, what I achieved, where I fell on my face, and, most importantly, how I picked myself up and kept going:

What are your 2020 goals?