See You Next Year!

If you were registered for this year’s event, you already received the notification email of the change. If you were thinking of attending in October, you will tentatively have to wait until May 2021.

I say tentatively because they will not be accepting registrations until the event hosts, Al and Dianne, are 100% sure the event can be held. Notice may be short as they will announce it up until 60 days before the event! Be ready to register as soon as next year’s date is confirmed. Sign-up for my newsletter as I will post updates as I receive them.

The evening Pizza Party will be held at the Best Western on the evening of Friday, April 30th, 2021 with the big party happening the next day at The Gazebo on Saturday, May 1st, 2021 from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM.


If you had registered, remember to call the Best Western as soon as possible at 586-977-7270 and ask them to switch your reservation for the One Love Caribbean Island Party if you plan to attend next year.  They do not take a deposit, and it might be better for the room availability if it is switched rather than cancelled.


The other issue was, for those flying in, rather than waiting to make changes closer to October 17th, 2020, they thought it better to inform everyone now, hoping the airlines cooperate.

Why October Got Cancelled

Al and Dianne didn’t come to the decision lightly, but as the state of Michigan was still limiting gathering to no more than ten, their venue The Gazebo, remained closed. Rather than wait until the last minute, causing many attendees to scramble to change plans, cancelling now allows everyone time to rebook. Plus, the bigger reason was, they wanted to keep everyone healthy. (Isn’t that what we all want?!)

What About the 2020 Prizes?

Similar to the 2020 Annual National Sweepstakes Convention that shifted to a virtual event and mailed out their prizes, Al and Dianne will be mailing out the 2020 prizes.
  1. Anyone who paid for upgrades will receive a refund for the Lottery and Gift Cards drawing.
  2. Everyone that entered stamped envelopes, will get those back as well.
  3. A non-bias third party will conduct drawings for the Super Gifts. Those will be mailed out early September.
  4. Plus each Guest will also receive a Door Gift and Entry Gift.
They cannot refund the full registration fee as all the prizes were already purchased and cannot be returned. It just made sense to give them out and bring a bright spot to every registrant’s mailbox.

I plan to attend if it’s safe.

Will I see you there?