NOTE: This article was originally posted on August 1st, 2015, but good advice is timeless. Of course I updated it with new figures.

You should use a sweepstakes aggregate as it’s far easier to find legitimate giveaways you are eligible to enter.

When many start the hobby, they turn to Google. If you search for the words sweepstakes or contests, the number of returned results are astronomical, not to mention the fact that the first result for each word is a winning resource, which is now an ad.

2015 Numbers

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I started so long ago, 2001, I was still mailing away for the Canadian Contest Newsletter. (Now folded.) Then I started entering online. It took me a long time to sort out the good, the bad and the ugly. Thankfully, my marketing background allowed me to create an entry system, be organized and easily find sweepstakes.

When I decided to create, helping others find easily find legitimate giveaways was why I created the Resources Section. It’s where I list the aggregates in Canada and the U.S. that post sweepstakes. (An International section has been added, but it needs to be greatly expanded.)

I specifically list them in alphabetical order encouraging you to explore various sites and find the looks, style, community, etc. that suit your hobby. They have changed over the years, but the principle is the same.

Once you find one you like, build using that site into your daily hobby.

Do you have a favorite aggregate?