This is what happens when you hang out with your sweeping buddies. Adventures ensue!

I had so many donations for the upcoming sweepstakes conventions, along with books to mail out that it called for a road trip to the United States. As I needed to go to Michigan, vs New York, I rang up Jo-Anne to see if:

  1. she wanted to hang out with me for the day,
  2. and if I could stay overnight as it was too much driving for one day.

Thankfully she said, “YES!!”

I had known Jo-Anne since 2004 from online sweepstakes groups, but we didn’t meet in person until 2014 when we both attended the Blissdom blogger conference.

Making real friends was one of the biggest surprises of this hobby. Better than any prize I have ever won as friendships are priceless.

I awoke early to find our city in the midst of a snowstorm. UGH! As I only had a small window I could drop off the prizes, off I went. Thankfully the snow dissipated about halfway there. Due to the delay, I arrived later than anticipated.


Of course, I had to say hi to all her cats first. LOL! (This is only half of them.)

We packed everything in her car and we headed to Warren Michigan. As I was starving I took Jo-Anne for lunch to Cracker Barrel. She had never been. WHAT?! It’s 20 minutes from her house. I would be there every Sunday for brunch!!

After lunch, we headed down to Warren to meet Al and Diane to drop off the first batch of prizes for the Michigan Wolverine’s Spring Meeting. They weren’t home. Hmmm …. I rang them. No answer. Hmmm …

Instead of waiting, off we went to the post office so I could mail off copies of my new book to a few sweepstakes aggregates (stay tuned for many chances to win your own autographed copy!) and prizes for the Annual National Sweepstakes Convention. (I can’t attend this year but I donated over $1000 in prizes. Be sure to let me know if you win one!!)

Then we headed off to Target. While wandering up and down the isles picking out gifts and groceries, I got a call from Diane. Apparently, the last two emails I had sent about my itinerary went into the ether, so they didn’t think I was coming as they didn’t get my confirmation. Thankfully they were only out and about running errands and met us at Target. We filled their van with prizes as I donated 21 bags and 2 branded prizes, plus Jo-Anne donated several prizes even though she can’t attend. Jo-Anne, like me, loves to share the joy of winning.

Al also generously gave me an offer for all my followers. If anyone would like to attend, if you say on your registration form that I referred you, you get the Early Bird price!! Email me if you want a set of registration forms.

Then Jo-Anne and I stopped at Meijer’s on the way back to her place. As we were so late, we decided to combine dinner with a Facebook Live Sweepstakes Chat. If you missed all our shenanigans you can watch the video below.

I must do more videos with fellow sweepers. It’s a lot of fun. Email me if you would like to be a guest on With The Contest Queen.

Have you ever hung out with fellow sweepers?