I have known Jeff Goodfield for 18 years! Yes, I met Jeff when I began research for my first book.

Jeff Goodfield launched Sweepstakes.ca in 2004. He’s been an avid contestor and was so exasperated and frustrated with constantly finding sweepstakes to enter only to find out at the end that the sweepstakes were not open to Canadians. After spending far too many hours reading the rules only to find out he was not eligible, Jeff took the bull by the horns and simply decided to do something about it. Sweepstakes.ca was born!

To differentiate itself, Sweepstakes.ca is not your average aggregate. It is very selective in the sweepstakes it lists, making finding and entering giveaways very easy. It’s not about listing every sweepstakes. Every sweepstakes must have a value proposition to the audience of significance or it will not be listed.

As to not leave out our USA friends, in connection with the website’s makeover this month, the site now boasts a volume of USA sweepstakes with every listing being clearly labeled for ease of entry.

Additionally, there are also exclusive sweepstakes such as WinGasoline.ca, offering a sweepstakes to win $500 in gasoline annually with participation from the USA and Canada.

Sweepstakes.ca also lists wicked deals, freebies, pop-up offers, and awesome promotions plus many value-added promotions like–discounts on lottery tickets, a channel where you can complete surveys for cash and prizes, gift card rewards, and much more.

Watch the TikTok I filmed in Jeff’s office when I got a sneak peek at the new design. (I posted the video after it was live.)

@contestqueenI love all the friends I made along my sweepstakes hobby path. Jeff is one of them. ?♬ original sound – Learn to Win Sweepstakes!

Have you ever visited Sweepstakes.ca?

P.S. Jeff is currently single and has been asking me to wear a sandwich board, advertising his availability and awesome personality traits, while I go PIN Code Hunting early in the morning around the city. Please save me and email him directly from his website! (You can tell we have been friends for a long time, LOL!)