Are you prepared to handle the flood of holiday sweepstakes this month?

Last December I gave you my 3 Top Tips to stay on top of the onslaught of giveaways being held across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Sweepstakes Season

  1. Make a list.
  2. Do what you can.
  3. Let it go.

This year I want to add three more.

  1. Prioritize your sweeps.
  2. Choose your channel.
  3. Start stashing in January.

Prioritize Your Sweeps
What do you want to win? With the insane number of sweepstakes in December, you do not want to waste one minute. Don’t spend 10 minutes tagging friends on Instagram for a small prize when you could have spent that time entering to win a trip, cash, or a car. Small prizes do keep you going in between the biggies, but they should be entered last.

Choose Your Channel
If you are not comfortable on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You don’t seem to ‘get it’. Are frustrated every time you open the app? Then don’t use it. Yes, you may miss out on one chance to win, but it also only takes one to win. It’s ok not to be good at everything.

Start Stashing in January
The prizes you win in December may not arrive until January. Do not count on them as gifts. You do not want to disappoint anyone. What you can do instead is start stashing away great prizes away in January. Then you have gifts for birthdays, holidays, and other occasions. It still eases your pocketbook, all year long.

What are your top tips for Sweepstakes Season?