Everyone wants to know how to win the lottery. It’s one of the most frequent questions I receive. Most people want to win the lottery, vs sweepstakes, because they believe whatever problems they have will be solved with a windfall of money. However, statistics would prove that to be false. 70% of all lottery winners lose their money within 5 years.

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Five myths about the lottery

That said, it’s still fun to play, and dream, if you only spend the money you can afford.

And, I have no idea how to win the lottery like I do sweepstakes.

  1. The first reason is the odds of winning. It is far easier to win sweepstakes than the lottery (with the exception of Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes).
  2. Second, there are far more sweepstakes to enter than lotteries.
  3. The third is cost. It’s basically free to enter giveaways. (With the exception of mail-in sweepstakes and PIN code or collect-to-win giveaways.)

However, there are a few people that believe they have it figured out.

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In 2010 I wrote World’s Luckiest Woman. It was about Joan Ginther who has won the lottery four times. Back then I just shared interesting winning articles without doing further research. Today I decided to Google her and see what ‘popped up’.

It turns out it may have been a numbers game vs. sheer luck. What do I mean by that? She just bought so many scratch-offs, it was in her favor statistically that she would win.

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Then there is Richard Lustig, author of Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery, teaching his tips and tricks to winning.

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Have you heard of Capt’n Dano (Dan Bader) and his site MyFreeLotteryPool? Join for free and become part of a global lottery pool. (How to Win the Lottery!)

Like all winning experts (including me), they can only give you tips and tricks to help you increase your odds of winning, but none of them can guarantee you will win anything.

As I am frugal, which is why I am a sweeper, only buy lottery tickets when I feel lucky and then spend the minimum to be in to win.

Do you play the lottery?

STAY TUNED: I am planning another lottery live stream video highlighting all the other experts and their advice.