I received this very good question from Shea:

Hey Carolyn! I thought you might know the answer to my question. When you’re doing an instant win contest, and you win an instant prize, should you continue to enter the sweepstakes to get more entries? What happens if you win a second instant prize? When the rules state one prize per person, will that disqualify you? I usually just quit entering the sweepstakes after I win an instant win … but now I wonder if I’m hurting myself doing that. Thanks 🙂

 Always back to my #1 tip: ALWAYS READ THE RULES.

When reading the rules, look for the clauses regarding the grand prize and the instant prizes. If you can still garner entries in the contest by entering every day, do so.

Some rules state one instant prize per person, so you won’t receive the 2nd prize (I have had that happen before), yet you can still garner entries for the grand prize.

It is rare, but occasionally, it’s one prize per person, period. If you win an instant, you are ineligible even for the grand prize. So yes, you may be hurting your chances of winning. Again, it depends on the rules.

There are some contests that only offer instant prizes. Some contests allow you to win more than once instantly. Again, back to the rules.

This is why it is so important to read the rules, so you know what the entry parameters are and you won’t disqualify yourself.

Do you like entering ‘instants’?