Lenisha asked me: How can I win the lotto next time the jackpot is $1 billion?

There are two reasons you are not winning big money in the lottery:

  1. You are not in the vibration/frequency of winning big.
  2. It’s not in your soul contract.


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The vibration is important because even if you win, you are not in a vibrational alignment with the money; you will lose it.

The National Endowment for Financial Education points to research that estimates 70 percent of people who unexpectedly come into large sums of money will lose it within seven years. Why most lottery winners end up losing their new fortune


Not vibing like a winner isn’t the only thing that will block you from hitting the jackpot. It has to be part of your soul’s contract.

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All that said, you can change your destiny!

Do you believe you will win the lottery?