In 1999 Timothy Schultz became famous for being one of the youngest winners in the Powerball lottery. He now shares his passion with the world by interviewing winners of all types, and I had the pleasure of being a guest on Lottery, Dreams & Fortune.

We spoke about how I help others win sweepstakes and Helene Hadsell’s thoughts on winning the lottery even though she never won the lottery. Why? Texas didn’t have a state lottery until 1992, and by then, she had won every prize she desired, so she didn’t feel the need to play. However, Helene’s winning ideas stem from her 4-step manifesting technique because SPEC can be used for anything.

I have only ever matched five numbers in the lottery and won $2500. One more number, and it would have been $22 million!! I follow zero lottery advice and buy only when I feel lucky and grab a quick pick. It seems I had better change my lottery ticket-buying habits!

What about you? Have you ever won the lottery?