What does the sales funnel have to do with winning prizes? I’ll show you …

On my post titled How Do I Win More Prizes? Roger left the following comment:

I have to disagree. While a positive attitude does play a small part in the role of contesting, where it allows one to have a good focus and positive attitude at sitting down for long periods of time to enter contests, I believe that there is a key fact missing here. 

That would be entering as many contests as you can find. Contesting, as you know, is based on the quantity of contests entered or even the correct time at entering (instant wins). It is about getting your name into all the draws where the statistical odds go up with each entry at your name being drawn or your time selected. Sure, there are a few people who enter very few and get drawn randomly, but the chances for them go down with each person who enters consistently.

I replied:

I agree with you, but I couldn’t put it all in one post.  I focus on point #3 in this specific post, but do you see what #7 is? Enter, Enter, Enter … exactly what you are talking about.

This is where the sales funnel comes in.  In a traditional sales funnel, the more leads you put into the funnel, the more sales you will make, but do you notice you have to garner a lot of leads to make a few sales?  Same with entering. You need to enter a lot of contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways to garner a few prizes.

The average sweeper spends 1-2 hours a day entering. One key is to enter better odds sweepstakes. I go into greater detail, with mathematical equations, in my post, I Win Every Contest I Enter and then 3 Ways to Increase Your Odds of Winning for practical steps.

How much do you enter?  How much do you win?