3 Ways to Increase Your Odds of Winning Sweepstakes

Here are three easy ways for you to increase your odds of winning sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways.

ONE: Use concentric circles.

Where you focus your entries can determine how much and how big you are winning. The first key to winning is to enter better odds sweepstakes by using concentric circles.

Imagine your home is at the center of the circle, and each ring out is a bigger pool of entries. It only stands to reason a local sweepstakes are going to be easier to win than national ones.

Your odds of winning are increased as the smaller the circle, the fewer people that will enter; therefore, your chances of winning go up.

TWO: Be organized.

If you are not organized, how can you maximize your entries in the shortest amount of time?

A) Be sure you organize your time around the concentric circle model.

  • Enter all your local contests before you enter national ones.
  • Enter for instant wins and big prizes before entering to win small ones.
  • Enter online giveaways before trolling social media.

BA) Be sure you organize your sweepstakes in browser folders or RoboForm folders (my choice). Place links to your:

  • daily entry sweepstakes in folders in order by the date they end.
  • top priority sweepstakes in their own folder.
  • local sites that host weekly contests in a separate folder.

Your odds of winning are increased the more organized you are, as you will not be wasting time or inadvertently disqualifying yourself; therefore, your chances of winning go up.

THREE: Barriers to entry.

If sweepstakes were plotted on a Cartesian graph, you would easily see as restrictions increased, entries would decrease. Depending on the prize, what the barriers to entry are (there may be none … ), and my schedule, I may or may not enter the sweepstakes. Some barriers to entry could be:

  • location – you may not live in the contest eligibility area.
  • age – the contest may be geared towards children or seniors.
  • purchase – the No Purchase Entry option may be time-consuming.

If you would like more tips, read my post: How Do I Win Big?

How do you increase your odds of winning?

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Carolyn Wilman, known as the Contest Queen, teaches others how to find, organize, enter, and win sweepstakes contests and giveaways. Her proven online entry system, found in How To Win Cash, Cars, Trips & More!, has helped others win more than $1M in cash and prizes. As a contestor, Carolyn has won over $350,000 in prizes, including 24 trips to locations such as California, Florida, the Winter Olympics, and a European tour, with a trip to the set of Harry Potter in London, England being her favorite.


  1. Teresa Young August 14, 2018 at 9:17 am - Reply

    This is a good reminder of how to use your sweeping time effectively.
    I increase my odds of winning by looking for local sweeps, mostly in stores, and sharing them with my local club.Most of the members of the club do the same.

  2. Lisa July 6, 2020 at 5:44 pm - Reply

    Great article! When possible, I try to determine how many entries have been submitted. Spending a lot of time on something where my entry would be a teaspoon in the ocean doesn’t make sense for me & isn’t worth ending up on 20 mailing lists 🙂

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