28 Annual National Sweepstakes ConventionYesterday in my newsletter I shared the first details about the 28th Annual National Sweepstakes Convention that were announced at the Carolina Sweepers Spring Banquet.

WHAT: 28th Annual National Sweepstakes Convention
WHEN: September 23-30 2017
COST: $185 USD registration fee PLUS the cruise:
Inside state room: $643.11 USD per person,

     Mid ship: $883.11 USD per person,
     Balcony: $903.11 USD per person,
     **third person added to a room is $433.11 USD.
WEBSITE: Website won’t be up until July 2016 convention, but the website to purchase cruise tickets will be available on April 30th.
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/The-2017-Sweepers-Escape
Everyone welcome.

I stated a passport was required. I turns out that’s not 100% true. As it’s a closed loop cruise, as long as you never leave the boat, a passport is not required. But who wants to stay on a boat for a week as it stops at several beautiful Caribbean ports?!

Although my tip is for entering sweepstakes, a passport is always good to have as you never know what adventures may come your way.

TIP: Before you begin entering sweepstakes that offer international travel as a prize, ensure all the people that would be travelling with you have a valid passport. Travel restrictions have become tighter over the past several years, so now many promotions state in the rules you must have a valid passport to enter.
United States http://travel.state.gov/passport/passport_1738.html
Canada http://passport.gc.ca/index.aspx?lang=eng#

Will you be attending the 2017 convention?