Good advice is evergreen.

My #1 entry tip is: Always read the rules. I made that my #1 tip because it’s what people do the least, and it’s what could hurt your hobby the most (disqualifying yourself, wasting your time, not entering properly, etc.)

However, my #1 tip should be: Setup an email address just for entering sweepstakes, because it’s the first thing a new contestor should do to save them time and trouble over the course of their hobby.

I figured this one out the hard way by using my business email address when I started. (I owned the company so I wouldn’t get into any trouble with the boss!) I soon realized it was a mistake when my inbox was filled with newsletters, notifications, etc., and I was missing important work emails. That’s when I set up a Yahoo account. (You can use Gmail or any other service you prefer.)

TIP: I prefer to use a virtual email address as it’s easy to access from anywhere, on any device.

Do you have a separate address just for entering?