What is a clean sweep?

Winning one of every prize in a sweepstakes. Not one where there is only one grand prize. I am talking about a contest with lots of instant prizes and grand prizes.

In this year’s Pepsi Stuff contest in Canada, they gave away 16 grand prizes worth $10,000 each along with 34,288 instant prizes consisting of hats, t-shirts, trucker caps, socks, towels, tote bags, gift cards, coupons, and jackets.

You had to have a PIN code to enter and I was off and running from the first day. I was determined to have a ‘clean sweep’ for the first time in my life. Not only was I stocking up on Pepsi (ALWAYS SUPPORT THE SPONSOR!), I was out code hunting every morning possible, even in the rain. (If you follow me on Instagram and watch my Stories you know I crazy I am!)

Although I did win one of every instant prize, I did not achieve my clean sweep. (Cue dramatically sad music.) I have not changed my goal though. (Cue upbeat positive music.) There is always another sweepstakes. The next one just might be ‘the one’!

Watch as I unbox the very last prize I received from the Pepsi Stuff contest in 2019.

Have you ever won a clean sweep?