Last week I plum forgot! This week I am a bit late posting. All good. Let’s do this! What do you want to win this week?

I cleaned up over 1000 passwords, passcards, identities, bookmarks and logins in RoboForm. It took me three days. Now, I am rebuilding my daily contest hobby. WOO HOO! I have not felt this positive entering in a long time. I WISH for a surprise win this week.

To participate head over to the Good Vibrations Sweepstakes Club Facebook Group, join if you haven’t already, find the WISHcasting post and comment with what you would like to win in the next week. Then reply under one another’s comments send fairy dust, good luck, and positive thoughts.

All boats rise with the tide and this group about us, collectively, lifting each other up.

What do you want to win this week?