After the article in The Hustle came out, there was a forum thread bashing sweepers and our hobby. I had to go online and rant.

I want sweepers to understand how their behavior may negatively influence sponsors, which creates those very misconceptions and misperceptions that we were bashed for.

Worse for me is that I am a marketer and a sweeper, so I sit on both sides of the table. I understand how we could be perceived as greedy. I blogged about those marketing misperceptions on Neal Schaffer’s website:

I want marketers to learn to discern between those that love entering and cheaters, plus identify their biggest fans and turning those cheerleaders into influencers.

This chat was originally filmed as a Facebook Live on Monday, July 8th, 2019.

Here are the links to the resources I mention in the video:

What are your thoughts on how we are perceived by those outside of the hobby?